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Tuesday, May 28th 2019

8:30 AM

A Bizarre,Unhealthy,Problematic Obsession with a Phenotype

They call themselves 'pitbull' Owners and/or Advocates.

I am not referring to people who own Staffordshire Bull Terriers,American Pit Bull Terriers or American Staffordshire Terriers.

Those 3 are actual Pure Breeds bred to 3 different Standards and yes they would have Breed Specific Characteristics.

It is the people who blather incessantly,constantly link dogs of unknown genetic lineage to dog fighting and spread myths (Nanny Dogs) & promote other nonsense
(They are all such & such)
who are a major problem for the 3 Breeds and in fact for all dogs of a certain appearance.

These people need to be banned from using the term 'pit bull' and if they will not stop using it,they should be banned from owning any dog with that phenotype.

That is the only way 'these dogs' will be able to have normal lives.

These are attention seeking people who want the World to look and see something other than a dog.

These people who claim to 'love' dogs with this phenotype are a far bigger problem than people who hate this phenotype and the Media because there are more of them and their claims are far more ludicrous.

Their insistence that there is something 'special' about dogs with this phenotype is the root of the problem but their need to feel 'special' trumps the needs of the dog to just be a dog without a label.

It sickens me that I wasted so much of my time,the lives of 2 of my dogs and thousands of dollars (that should have gone towards my own Vet Bills) on these people who really do not want to be just dog owners and they certainly do not want to drop labels and let dogs just be dogs.

Thank God some dogs escape these people.

This dog had a perfectly normal life because he did not have the misfortune of falling into the hands of a Rescue or someone who would have treated him as if he was something other than just a dog.€™

These people who are obsessed with this phenotype ARE the problem.

And these are the people including Rescue Types who push,promote & even attach labels to their own dogs

They simply will not face the reality that they own mutts or Heinz 57 dogs.
They insist on calling them pit bulls or pit type dogs because they want attention & that label brings more money in to the Rescue Scheme/Scam.

One of the worst Groups for fearmongering about a phenotype & pushing stereotypes is the Rescue Group BIN.
Talk about pushing the Government Agenda.

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