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Thursday, March 2nd 2017

2:01 PM

Foster Home


This Home may be made available (In the Future) to Veterinarians who rescue dogs.
Property is approx 1 1/2 hrs South East of Ottawa,Ontario,
close to Quebec Border,approx 1/2 hr from New York U.S.A.

Home is in Country,on River & has large Fenced Backyard.
Swimming & Boating on Property if Dog Life Jacket is provided.

Check this Blog Post for Availability.

You can leave a Private Msg in Guest Book if you have any questions.

Would like to give Preference to

1)At risk Short haired mutts w/whip tails

Angus & Rower
If you think mutts that look like this are somehow different from other dogs & you support discriminatory Laws this would be the wrong Foster Home for you..
Attitudes towards these dogs have changed but the dogs have not.

2) Black Lab X`s

3) Senior Dogs

4) Palliative Care Dogs

but will consider other dogs in need.

Long time Dog/Cat Owner.

Experience with

Dogs undergoing Chemo.

Diabetic Dogs requiring BG Readings and at home Insulin Injections.

Dogs recovering from various Surgeries inclu TPLO

Note to Rescues:I will not be applying to foster for you but
you are welcome to apply to place a Foster dog here.

For starters the Rescue/Rescuer must provide a satisfactory Reference from a Veterinarian/Veterinary Clinic and have a good Understanding of DOLA.

More Pictures can be seen here.


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Friday, June 17th 2016

2:27 PM

Courtney Trempe Inquest should inspire Courtney`s Bill & Law




My MPP did not get an opportunity to introduce a PMB last Session.

I have asked Patrick Brown if he (rather than my MPP) would consider introducing Courtney`s Bill either as a Private Member`s Bill or even better as a Gov`t Bill in memory of Courtney Trempe to become Courtney`s Law.(akin to Rowan Stringer`s Concussion Bill which was introduced and passed by all Parties to become Rowan`s Law)

I`ve explained why it`s important to get the focus off 'pit bulls' and on to Effective Laws & the Trempe Inquest Recommendations.

Courtney Trempe was a little girl killed by a neighbour`s dog in 1998
(A dog not impacted by BSL)
An Inquest was held into her death and out of that came 36 recommendations.

All but a few were ignored by Gov`t.

Instead they chose to enact BSL years later which does not improve Community Safety.

It would not have helped Courtney, as the type of dog that killed Courtney is not a type targeted by BSL (Breed Specific Legislation)

Courtney`s Mother testified to that effect at the Committee Hearings prior to the passage of Bill 132 (Amendments to DOLA)

I propose as we go forward in our attempts to have BSL repealed,we fight this fight in Courtney`s memory rather than Hershey`s memory & that future Bills introduced in the Legislature to repeal BSL be called Courtney`s Bill rather than Hershey`s Bill.

While we all love our dogs & we are fighting to save their lives,our number one goal is to have effective laws in place to make Communities safer for both Children & Adults.

Let`s fight for that in memory Of Courtney Trempe.

A memorial fund was set up in memory of Courtney to provide support for child victims of dog attacks and their families.
(Not sure if it`s still active.No response from them when I asked)

Please listen to PBLNN Interview where Kerry Vinson (Designated Expert Witness at the Trempe Inquest) talks about the Inquest recs & explains why we need effective laws not BSL.

You can also listen/download the Nov 4th show here.
Kerry starts to speak at about 45 mins.

You can read an article written by Kerry on the failure of the amendments to DOLA (Dog Owner`s Liability Act) to improve Public Safety and the threat this Legislation poses to all dog owners. 


Read Kerry's most recent article for TAVM here

My MPP plans on introducing Courtney`s Bill to end BSL in the 2015/16 Sitting of the Legislature.

If you want BSL repealed,you have to demand Repeal via Email,Snail Mail,Phone,Fax & Tweets.

Apathy is the problem in Ontario.

I notice that MPP Hillier has a Motion to restore Bill 16 on the Sept 14.2015 Order Papers.

Bill 16 was ordered for 3rd Reading on May 9,2012 but was never called.

I expect that Wynne will either not call it(most likely) or they will call it and defeat it with their Majority.

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Saturday, February 20th 2016

1:50 PM

Standards for Psychiatric Service Dogs & BSL


When I was on Twitter I asked the CVMA if they would write a Letter to the Gov`t regarding BSL

and the Canadian Standards being developed for Psychiatric Service Dogs.

They did just that.

"While the CVMA is very supportive of this initiative, it cautions the government against any breed specific limitations
and also calls for the use of humane training methods."

You can find a link to their Letter here.

Now that we have a new Gov`t in place I have written to the CVMA and asked them if they would send a Letter

to the new Minister of Veteran`s Affairs, the Honourable Kent Hehr.


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Saturday, August 29th 2015

1:50 PM

Most recent Article by Kerry Vinson



Kerry Vinson who has written a number of articles on Ontario`s BSL has written another article for the TAVM Newsletter Scalpel

The Problem with Dog Aggression



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Saturday, June 20th 2015

11:33 AM

Premier needs to know you know the truth




National Canine Research Council takes Ontario to task.

OVMA Open Letter to 3 Provincial Leaders urging Repeal of BSL

Please take the time to send this letter to Kathleen Wynne.

She needs to know that you are aware of this letter.

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Saturday, September 6th 2014

7:30 AM

Where do Ontario MPP`s & Candidates stand on BSL?




I have tried numerous times to compile lists of where Ontario MPP`s & new Candidates stand on BSL.

It`s next to impossible to do because of apathy.

Riding & Candidate Info

Here`s the vote on Bill 132 which enacted BSL.

Please check to see how your MPP voted in 2005
(Scroll down to see vote)

Here`s the 2nd Reading vote on Bill 16 which was the vote to repeal the Breed Specific Language in Bill 132

You will notice that some MPP`s either were absent or abstained.
If you don`t see your MPP on this Bill 16 list it means they are a newbie with no voting history on BSL.

It is important to find out how these Candidates from all Parties will vote on the repeal of BSL when it comes up for a vote & it will.

I will be compiling a list for all Parties.

It`s best if Riding Residents ask their Candidates.

Here are the MPP and/or Candidate Lists for each Party




Responses from Candidates who have no voting history on BSL



John J.Earle-SD&G
John Fraser-Ottawa South
Christine Milks-Leeds-Grenville just replied with a blah blah email,she doesn`t make promises,no mention of BSL
Sandra Yeung-Racco-Thornhill



David Porter-Don Valley West



Lib No responses


Percy Hatfield-Windsor Tecumseh
Ryan Kelly-Whitby-Oshawa
Elaine MacDonald-SDSG
Jennifer McKenzie-Ottawa Centre
Michael Prue-Beaches-East York reconfirmed his support for Repeal
Peggy Sattler-London West
Jonah Schein-Davenport


Nancy Branscombe-London North Centre
Steve Clark-Leeds Grenville reconfirmed his support for Repeal
Nita Kang-Scarborough-South West
*Lisa MacLeod-Nepean-Carleton
Julia Munro-York Simcoe has reconfirmed her support for Repeal
Peter Politis-Timiskaming-Cochrane
Laurie Scott-Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock reconfirmed her support for Repeal
Mat Siscoe-St Catherines
Matt Young-Ottawa South
Roxanne Villeneuve-Robertson-Glengarry-Prescott-Russell

Greens-All Candidates support Repeal
Robert Kiley-Kingston & the Islands provided a response-supports Repeal


Harold Gabriel-Leeds-Grenville

(Beware of Candidates from ANY Party who won`t state their position on BSL)




Randall Denley-Ottawa West Nepean
*Lisa MacLeod-Nepean-Carleton-Was absent or abstained from Bill 16 vote.
Finally responded in writing that she supports Repeal.
Bart Maves-Niagara Falls

If you have any info from MPP`s or Candidates please leave Msg in Guestbook.
It won`t go live.
I will add info later.(I Looking forward to hearing from you.)

Thank you

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Thursday, May 15th 2014

12:59 PM

Accessibility is a Right not an option

In 2005 the Liberals amended the Dog Owner`s Liability Act(DOLA) and the Animals for Research Act(ARA.)

There is now a Ban on 3 recognized PureBreeds
and any dogs that simply look like them.

While they provided exemptions for certain Dog Shows and Flyball Tournaments

they gave no exemption for Service Dogs.

Three guesses why that is and the first two don`t count.

The Liberals are trying to portray these dogs as monsters in the eyes of the Public,hence the muzzle requirement.

They don`t want the Public seeing these dogs providing service to Veterans with PTSD and others with disabilities.

Lucas here who was present at the One Million Pibble March held recently in Washington

can be seized and killed by Kathleen Wynne`s Liberals if he and owner were to enter Ontario.
Only people in attendance at the Dog Shows and Flyball Tournaments would see the Competitive dogs.

The Liberals probably think that this won`t have much impact on the Public`s perception.

I have enlisted the help of a Federal MP to see if we can at the very least,

get the Federal Gov`t to enact Legislation to protect Service Dogs from BSL.

I told him ideally we would like BSL banned Canada wide.

This MP said to leave it with him,he has contacts and he`s going to see what he can do.

I think it would be a good time for everyone to contact Prime Minister Harper here and/or here

and their own MP and ask them to support such an initiative

Now is the time to act as Service Dogs are on everyone`s minds

as the Gov`t of Canada prepares to fund Service Dogs for Veterans.It looks like this is a no go.


As there is no exemption for Service Dogs under DOLA & no exemption for Tourists,

Americans with 'pit bull' Service Dogs lose the protection they now have in the USA (See Page 32)

when they enter a Canadian jurisdiction with BSL.
If you`re a Veteran facing discrimination because of a Service Dog Contact the Veteran`s Ombudsman.
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Tuesday, March 18th 2014

9:14 AM

Kathleen Wynne`s Position on BSL

Any doubt in your mind about Kathleen Wynne`s position on BSL?

Her 1st response was sent in 2010 & the 2nd one in 2012.

Kathleen Wynne`s response in 2010

From: Wynne_Kathleen-MPP-CO
Subject: RE: Re Listening to Experts
Date: February 26, 2010 12:54:20 PM EST

Dear Jamie,
Thank you for your email regarding the Ontario Dog Owners’ Liability Act.
I appreciate hearing my constituents’ concerns.

It’s unfortunate such actions sometimes need to be taken to prevent animal abuse and the resulting harm to people when animals are aggressive, largely as a result of how they are bred and raised.
However, the dogs in question when we say “breed specific” are dogs that, as you know, can be extraordinarily aggressive and harmful if not raised properly.

I know there are dog-owners who know how to properly raise and care for animals such as pit bulls.
However, there are so many who do not
(and many who intentionally abuse them to produce fighting dogs),
that continuing to allow the breeding of these animals was no longer a risk we could take.

Our government feels it is in the best interest of the people we represent, and the animals in question, to enforce this legislation.
I understand that many disagree with this
(we listened to and considered all sides of the argument),
and I respect their opinion.
However, I do support this legislation.
I believe this is the appropriate action to take in response to ongoing incidents of both harm to the people we represent and to the animals we care for.

Thank you again for getting in touch.

All the best,

Kathleen Wynne, MPP
Don Valley West

Kathleen Wynne`s response in 2012

From: Team Wynne
Subject: Re: The Way We Grow / La Voie à Suivre
Date: December 18, 2012 11:05:55 AM EST

Dear Jamie,

Thank you very much for writing me, and taking the time to participate in this important conversation.

Molly and Buster, our “twins”, were fantastic companions.
I truly enjoyed all of the privileges of being a pet owner - the unconditional love, the greetings after a hard day’s work and the daily walks.
I also enjoyed the responsibilities of pet ownership, and that included ensuring that our dogs were well trained and didn’t pose a risk to public safety.

Ontario Liberals made the decision to restrict pit bulls.
After a series of horrific accidents around the province, we decided that the interests of public safety would be best-served by restricting that particular breed.
My position is that repealing this legislation would be a step backwards.
I hear your concern and I know that this legislation has presented challenges for some dog owners, but I believe that all Ontarians want what is in the best interests of public safety.

All the best,


Now I ask you does this sound like a Leader who can be cajoled,convinced or educated to do the right thing?

When you go to the ballot box a vote for a Liberal Candidate will be a vote to keep this woman in Power.

If you`re a Liberal in this fight to end BSL it all comes down to saving these dogs or helping to keep your Party in Power.....which will you choose?

The best way to get them out of Power & end this is to vote for the Candidate in your Riding most likely to defeat the Liberal Candidate.

If you can`t bring yourself to do that then the next best thing is to go to the Polls & simply decline your ballot.

That`s a Protest vote.

Don`t simply stay home,that`s a sign of laziness.

If you can`t help us get rid of them,please don`t help elect them.

You`re in this fight for a reason,please remember that.

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Saturday, June 30th 2012

6:23 AM

Apparently they were just dogs in the 80`s as opposed to "Ticking Time Bombs"


On Dec 22,1987 the father of our former Premier (who enacted BSL)

stated on record that the family dog was a pit bull terrier.

Ontario Hansard - 22-December1987

Mr. McGuinty: I have a petition dated December 22, 1987. “To the Honourable the Lieutenant Governor and the Legislative Assembly of Ontario: “

"We, the undersigned, beg leave to petition the parliament of Ontario as follows: “Whereas the Christmas-Hanukkah season is traditionally a time for family; “And whereas members of this Legislature who are from distant places are subject to the vagaries of travel which could occasion considerable time; “And whereas the legislative support staff are subject to the same; “And whereas the following people are particularly anxious to see the Legislature adjourn, namely, the following constituents of Ottawa South: “Elizabeth McGuinty, Mrs. Dalton McGuinty I, Jocelyn Mary McGuinty, Liseanne Mary McGuinty, Dalton J. Patrick McGuinty, Jr., Dylan Charles McGuinty, Patrick John McGuinty XXIII, David Joseph McGuinty, Michael Terence Thomas Moore McGuinty, Brendan Paul McGuinty VI, Anne Marie McGuinty, Teresa McGuinty, Marie Angela McGuinty, Noralyn McGuinty, Connor Joseph McGuinty, Carleen Mary McGuinty, Dalton J. P. McGuinty III; Liam Brendan McGuinty, Matthew Carlos McGuinty, Caroline Nicole McGuinty, Gordon Patrick McGuinty, Lucille Mary McGuinty, Michael J. McGuinty-McKee,” all of whom have duly signed. There is also a paw print on this paper of one Tory McGuinty, who is the McGuinty family pit bull terrier. I am also posing this petition on behalf of the family of the member for Algoma-Manitoulin (Mr. Brown): Mrs. Lynn Brown, Micki Brown, Amy Brown, Paula Brown and Jennifer Brown, all of whom are with us in the gallery. “We, the undersigned, petition all members of the Legislature of Ontario to expedite adjournment of the Legislature at the earliest possible time.”

Mr. Speaker: I am certain the honourable member has read the standing orders, and it is certainly in order to present a petition and to advise the House that the honourable member has himself signed the petition. It is not the usual procedure to advise the House of all those who have signed."

Sometimes when you try to be cute,the official record can come back to bite you(or your kid)

A member of the extended McGuinty Family has confirmed that this was not a joke and the Family did have a pit bull terrier.

I wonder if the Premier would have sent his Parents` dog to it`s death because of it`s shape or birthdate?


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Wednesday, May 9th 2012

5:51 AM

Bill 16 (Hershey's Bill) Debate in Committee


The Debate will be streamed live at Wed May 9th at 9am here.

Bill 16 will be debated(clause by clause consideration) on May 9th

In the interim you can visit Hillier`s site Bring Back the Bulls and send a message

to Dalton McGuinty and Dwight Duncan telling them to call Bill 16 for 3rd Reading.

If you live outside of Ontario you can send your message to Tourism Minister Michael Chan at that same link.

telling him to put pressure on Premier McGuinty and/or Finance Minister Duncan to call Bill 16.

This is your chance to let the Ontario Gov`t know that you want an end to this slaughter of innocent dogs.

Conservative estimates have put it at 1000 dead puppies and dogs but we all know it`s many more than that.

Please take a minute and send a message.

The next dog seized and killed in Ontario might belong to you or someone you know.
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